June 11, 2020

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Advanced Encryption Standard Hardware Cryptographic Engine

Version Date Description Author
1.0 2020/04/17 NA PUFsecurity

For more details, please check out the [ AES repository ]


  • symmetric block cipher
  • both input and output data are in block of 128 bits in length
  • synthesized by Cadence Genus in UMC’s 40nm cell library.


The AES algorithm is an encryption and decryption algorithm that operates on a block-by-block basis, with an input data block of 128 bits in length, and output data block of 128 bits in length. If the input data is over 128 bits in length, it must be broken up into blocks of 128 bits each. AES is a symmetric block cipher algorithm, meaning the same key is used for both encryption and decryption. This design has been synthesized using Cadence Genus with UMC’s 40nm cell library.

Theory of Operations

Block Diagram


Hardware Interface

Parameter table


IO table


Pin Name/Module signal Direction Width Description
Clock/Clock I 1bit System clock
reset/reset I 1bit System reset
load/load I 1bit Load data
decrypt_i/decrypt_i I 1bit Encryption(1)/Decryption(0)
data_i/data_i I 128bit Data input
key_i/key_i I 128bit key input
data_o/data_o O 128bit Data output
ready_o/ready_o O 1bit Output ready

Power Connection Requirement

  • Power/Ground bouncing beyond DC specifications is not allowed.
  • It is necessary to connect all power sets of VDD/VSS.

Example Waveform


  • Set decrypt_i, data_i and key_i after the reset signal
  • After setting the above input signals, an input pulse load_i will start the engine.
  • The final result (data_o) is available after the ready_o signal pulses high.

Operation Guideline



  • The testbench file “final_version_sim.v” uses the NIST test vectors. Please refer to ECBGFSbox128.rsp and ECBKeySbox128.rsp.
  • “aes_include.v” contains all necessary module files needed to build the AES engine


Clock Frequency (MHz) Throughput (Mb/s) Gate count (K-gates) Aera(um*2) Mode
200 198.4 11.9 6567.9 Enc/Dec


Unless otherwise noted, everything in this repository is covered by the Apache License, Version 2.0.